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*** IN ORDER TO RESERVE THIS PARTY :) :) :) You need to first contact Hartofhealingconnect@aol.com to request a date and time. Birthday Party + Art = 2X The Fun!!! Thank you for your interest in scheduling an art party. The art will be designed around your kids interest and party theme, and I will bring all the art supplies! Just copy and paste the form below into an email to Hartofhealingconnect@aol.com. For ages 3-10+. Once the form is completed and sent I will contact you to schedule. When scheduled, you will receive a payment request. Costs are $100 for up to 10 children, and a fee of $15 for each additional child. Kid’s Art Party Form 1.What is your name and child's name?______________________________________________________ 2.What is the date of the party?______________________________________________ 3.What is your party’s theme?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.What art material do you want to use? -Clay -Paint -Mixed media (various materials) -Fun craft 5.What are the children's ages that will participate? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6.How many children will participate?_______________________________________________________________________ 7.What is the address of the party?_______________________________________________________________________ 8.Are there any concerns or adaptions that are needed for any of the art supplies? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Is there anything else you think I should know before scheduling?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cancellation Policy

If you or your family member is sick, please stay home and send a message to Hartofhealingconnect@aol.com at least one hour prior to class so that you may receive a refund. However, refunds will not be granted for no shows as this takes a place of someone else and/or for leaving early as supplies at that point will be used. Thank you for your understanding.

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