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*** IN ORDER TO RESERVE THIS CLASS :) :) :) You need to first contact Hartofhealingconnect@aol.com to request a date and time. Then select a theme from the (5) pictures below and I will add your class to the calendar for you and your friends to book it. What is Wine'd Down all about? Are you needing a over -due break from life? Yeah, we all do. It's time to invite some friends over and host an art class that is designed to let your creative side out of the box and help you can let you let go. You do not need to be an artist to have some fun with art. This is a guided art class that teaches different expressive art techniques; so, you can make art that is a one-of-a-kind and personally yours. There is no competition here just unwind, relax, and see what kind of cool art you can make! You can serve whatever food or drink you choose; this is your time to let go and relax! Please know that this is not art therapy and will not provide individual therapy to you. This class a cathartic outlet and a way to express yourself creatively.

Cancellation Policy

If you or your family member is sick, please stay home and send a message to Hartofhealingconnect@aol.com at least one hour prior to class so that you may receive a refund. However, refunds will not be granted for no shows as this takes a place of someone else and/or for leaving early as supplies at that point will be used. Thank you for your understanding.

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