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Do science and religion agree that there is life beyond Earth?

Updated: Jan 9

- A response to questions on Quora from 2020

Asking if there is life beyond Earth is a compelling question; one that has plagued humanity as far back as we can know. There are so many examples of ancient cultures across the world whom have worshiped, sought guidance, and/or studied some sort of life form beyond our Earth. You could even argue that the need to be connected to the Universe is imbedded in us.

As for religion and science, there may be a middle ground when it comes to the study and understanding of consciousness which has always been spoken about in the Bible, but is now emerging in the science world. Consciousness: Living or Not Living?

Consciousness, which was once thought of as simply a state of awareness, is now being described in the science realm as something tangible and quantitative; matter separate from the physical world. As for The Bible agrees, and describes the mind and consciousness as two separate entities in Titus 1:15.

Ok, consciousness is not exactly aliens; however, it is believed that consciousness is a type of energy; otherwise a physical matter made up of a cluster of atoms that not can live within the human mind, but is also capable to living without the physical body as well. In fact, scientists are using what they have learned about consciousness to explain the physical essence of the universe::

So, we now know that consciousness is a physical- living organism that makes up nearly all of the universe.