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Mind. Body. Soul

Hello :) Thank you for visiting Hart of Healing! Growing, healing, and creating is my journey, and I hope it is yours too.
Hart of Healing is here to encourage you to love your mind, body and soul.
As an artsy/nature loving girl with a strong want to help people, I began my career with the desire to teach art. I went to college, got a degree in early childhood education, and had the privilege to work and teach in elementary school; it was creative and fulfilling. 
As time went on, I could see that there was a great need in mental health, so I went back to college, and I got a master's in psychology. With this I was able to work with, and help people, from all ages and all walks of life. This career path has opened my eyes to how intricate everyone is; yet, how similar we all are.

What I have found is that we are all the same. We all have a unique soul, our mind has a story full of ups and downs, and our bodies need rejuvenation just as anyone else. 
Now, as a wife and mother of four little ones, I am learning about what my mind, body and soul needs, and to live life being the best version of me. I found creative expression in art to grow and heal; along with helping me have a positive cathartic outlet in the chaos of mom life. Also, I have enjoyed finding natural remedies for aches/pains, balance, and much needed relaxation. 
All of this I want to give back to you. What I found I need might not be what everyone needs. My only hope is that you discover what your mind, body and soul needs. 
For more information contact me at I would love to hear from you. Hugs!

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